Wednesday, December 11


Of the top 10 most-sold American cars in the first year, there are up to 8 vehicle models belonging to Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, MINI and Jaguar brands. The other two vehicles are under the Japanese Nissan popular car brand.

The recent research results of the US automotive data Analysis and Statistics page shows a list of 10 models of American users who have just purchased less than five have been rushed to sell. In particular, looked at over 46 million new vehicles delivered to the user’s hand to determine which car model was the most resale. To eliminate the unusual elements, this site only studied the cars that had gone at least 1,000 miles (1,609 km).

One surprising thing is that the first 7 positions in the top 10 are in luxury brands. In it, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class held the No. 1 position with 12.4% of the US-sold vehicles in the first year of use. BMW has three unmanned vehicles over a year consisting of the BMW 3-Series, BMW X1 and BMW X3 with the vehicle’s resale rate in the first year of use 11.8%, 10.4% and 9.0% respectively.

Luxury car brand of Anh Land Rover contributes to 2 car models, Discovery Sport (11.8%) and Range Rover Evoque (10.9%). Two other luxury models on the list are MINI Clubman (10.7%) and Jaguar XF (8.8%).

On the brand of popular cars, in the top 10 Americans who had just bought in a hurry, only appeared 2 vehicles under the Japanese Nissan car brand is Versa Note (9.0%) and Versa (8.7%).

Notably, while only 3.4% of the new US vehicles were re-sold by buyers in their first year, all eight vehicle models had an average resale rate of 10.7%. has not yet given the exact reason why the model of the car is re-sold by American users. Phong Ly, CEO iSeeCars, offers some possibilities such as the operating costs of the car to be too high or these models have a level of trust below the average.

In addition, there are still other possibilities and one of the simplest explanations possible is that the buyers decided that the car was too rushed while still not really understanding the cost of owning a car to how much. The average loan to buy new cars in the U.S. grew to a record rate of 31,455 USD last summer.

This pushed the U.S. citizen’s average monthly loan fee to USD 523. In addition, there are many other expenses so that the car can roll on the road. That also means no fewer people will not afford to “feed” the car to. The result is that they are forced to sell the box drivers are still new hard if not want to sink deep in debts.