Monday, December 9

The old cars are but are super rich “coveted” cost hundred billion VND Overview

The world’s oldest Porsche with a lifespan of 80 years, was produced in 1949. The vehicle was originally produced for a 1939 racing tournament with a 1,500 km race from Berlin to Rome, but eventually the race was cancelled due to war with Nazi Germany.

The Porsche Type 64 model is expected to be auced by Sothbike in California’s 2019 car week, the United States in August 8 and is expected to be rated at $20 million (approx. 470 billion VND). The one-of-a-two sports car is currently owned by Dr. Thomas Gruber in Vienna, Austria.
Porsche’s engineers and founders, Ferdinand originally came up with the idea of producing the Type 64 in 1939, but in 1940 he was able to complete the vehicle’s design, according to the Road and Track.

The design of the vehicle was taken the idea from the Beetle, a popular Volkswagen design at the time. In 1948, the Type 64 was released in Austria parallel to the Porsche 356. The first person to possess the Type 64 car was a driver Otto Mathé. He used this car on races from 1950 and kept it as a celebration until his death. In 1995, the vehicle was sold to Gruber.
An automobile expert asserts: “Without the Type 64 would not have the Porsche 356, this vehicle gave birth to the company’s myth and it gives the collectors a no-second opportunity to sit on the first Porche. The owner of this car will be the guest of the Porsche event all over the world “.

Sothwise’s global Auction manager Gord Duff asserted: “The Type 64 has shaped the design of all sports cars today.”

“It carries many of the characteristics that we’ve seen throughout the seven decades of Porsche production and still sees in some modern models at the most expensive prices,” he added. “If this auction is successful, this will be the most expensive Porsche in the history of the world”.

The current record of the world’s most expensive Porsche, the Porsche 917-1970, was sold for $14 million (326 billion VND) in 2017.