Wednesday, December 11

‘ American Muscle ‘ Chevrolet Camaro are about to be

According to information, the Camaro symbol line will be officially broken up after 6 generations in 2023. The cause came from too low sales of this model, despite the upgrades and improvements to the car from General Motors (GM). If this takes place, this will be the 2nd time Camaro was born with GM.

GM is planning to stop the new Generation Camaro project, the news source. When asked, the American car company was not asserted but did not respond. The airline only emphasized that they had just upgraded the Camaro line with the V8 engine and some new equipment.

Sales of Chevrolet Camaro in USA are not currently concerned. In the year 2018, only about 51,000 Camaro were sold. This is the lowest sales of this line, since “revival ” in 2009. Sales of the first months of the year 2019 are no better.

The GM company also realized the sales decline of Camaro and made efforts in many ways to increase the number of sales. Specifically, GM launched an upgraded 2019 version with a more classic and iconic design. However it seems they were not successful.

In addition, according to Muscle Cars and Trucks, Camaro is sharing a chassis with the Cadillac ATS and CTS. But it is disturbing that this chassis is old and is also about to be GM “Clear”. The Camaro team has provided new projects related to this model, but they are all eliminated by GM. Therefore, it will be difficult to have a bright future for Chevrolet Camaro after 2023.

The latest generation (6th generation) of the Chevrolet Camaro 2016 has a modern appearance, coupled with a lighter weight and a more rigid cable than before. The upgraded version of Camaro 2019 (including Coupe and Convertible) both used the 455 power-producing V8 engine and the standard 6-level gearbox, along with a 10-level automatic number option. The car owns 3 driving modes including: Sport mode mode, Track mode, and Competition mode. The car also enhances the entertainment information system with a widescreen 7.8 inches and compatibility Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.