Wednesday, December 11

‘ Lifetime ‘ crisis of super compact car brand for a while

After the golden stage, sales of super-compact Cooper series are now declining in a brand setting that is coming to the age of 60.
Over 1,000 Mini Cooper cars from the eastern coast of the United States moved towards the West Coast and concentrated in the city of Keystone, Colorado, at 3/8.

The presence of the convoy made the number of people present in the city of Keystone nearly doubled overnight.

The prolapse of a single-time family
Keystone is just one of the cities that the Mini Cooper crew aims to raise money for charitable activities and promote the image of the Mini company.

The Mini series of small cars (belonging to the BMW group) in England is about to turn 60, and are faced with the same crisis as the “middle age crisis” of man. The airline is struggling with reduced revenues, according to CNBC.
During the golden era, the Mini car appeared in many strikes such as “The Italian Job ” and the world record break, such as the title “Cars could be on the smallest void planet”.

But today Mini Cooper has louder, more expensive and much different than every previous version. It’s a reason why revenue is reduced and the BMW group is a concern.

The Mini Cooper has just undergone a terrible year. The company sold 361,531 vehicles around the world in 2018, reduced by 4.2% over last year. In the U.S., where Mini Cooper is a niche, the lower is greater than (7.3%). In 12 months alone last year, U.S. revenue reduction was up to 40%.

Born after World War II to meet the demands of owning a budget car, Mini Cooper was only 800 USD and a volume of 630 kg in 1959. But the price of the latest version has soared to 21,900 USD, while the volume reaches 1,350 kg.
― “The Mini Cooper has been louder, more complex and does not keep elements that make them different like the golden-era,” said Richard Pruitt, a correspondent of the Automotive News site and also owns a Mini Cooper, commentator.

Naturally Mini Cooper understands that fact. Therefore, the company’s board of Directors is researching the ability to electrochemical the vehicle to return to the glorious era.

Mini Cooper used to be a cult-like
Mini Cooper’s special features relate to the 1957 petroleum crisis. The soaring gasoline prices led to Morris ‘ car Company (later renamed Mini) wanting to produce small vehicles and low-fuel consumption.

The solution of Alec Issigonis, the company’s talented engineer, is pushing four wheels to the outside to increase space in the car. Pushing the four wheels to the outside also makes it easier for drivers to process the automobile.

Along with the name Mini Cooper (named after the famous racing athlete John Cooper (UK) and a number of improvements, Mini Cooper quickly became a street star in the late 60.

The biggest advantage to Mini car sales is probably the driver. The airline has a huge community of Mini Cooper cars around the planet. Even Mini is confirmed on the website of the title that “the best car owners ” is a reason to buy Mini Cooper.

In the United States alone, it has been established up to 73 clubs by Mini Cooper owners. The same clubs also exist from Ukraine to Sri Lanka.

“We have Mini Cooper communities. They really trust the Mini Cooper brand and the cars. Their love overcame conventional management, “said Patrick McKenna, who manages the community event organization of the Mini-company, said.

Mini Cooper Lifestyle
George Marsh never thought he would join a Mini Cooper club when he bought the car in 2003. But a friend convinced him to join the club like that in the southern state of California. He then became president of the club.

“I have passed more than 208,000 kilometers from my car. Even if I sold the car, I still have a lot of friendship from the club , “Marsh tells.

The Mini Cooper clubs are always proud of their level of active activity. THOWNGF regularly organizes trips across the country, and members meet several times a month. Local Mini Cooper dealers always sponsor events and provide everything-from buffet to parking-for drivers.

― “While a member of the Corvette club just washed the car and sat in a parking garage for coffee, we always held trips. The minimum number of Mini Cooper cars involved in each journey was 20-25, “called Joseph Montante, vice chairman of a club in the Philadelphia city.

Such trips take place over the weekend and members can pass up to 280 kilometers per day. Every journey has a theme.

For example, in the act entitled “Salty and Sweet “, drivers stop at restaurants and shops around Pennsylvania to sell sweets and salty foods such as ice creams or dried beef.

Norman Nelson has said that, as a member of a Mini Cooper club in the state of California, he has added more friends after every trip.

“Thanks to Mini Cooper, I have friends in Belgium, South America, Greece. Even many people in England and New Zealand have come to America and colonel in our home ,” he told.