Wednesday, December 11

Genesis will show the SUV line GV80 in mid-2020

Genesis will soon process the SUV GV80 in the middle of the following year but the project soon after that of the Korean brand is a small-sized SUV is a more remarkable model. In the press conference announced the recent sales with the press, CEO Hyundai Erwin Raphael confirmed the group they are developing a model SUV so based on the G70 sports sedan chassis.

“About 11 more months GV80 will launch, falling in the month 5 – 6 years later. Also after a similar period we will show the new SUV based on the chassis G70 “quoted Hyundai leader.
This is a happy news for customers who want to buy car Genesis but have not found the product line. The 2-year gap is also enough for them to “contribute rice” gradually to the success and quality of the car at least will be good based on the reviews that G70 received.

Not least experts have confirmed that G70 is one of the most “standard” vehicle segments which are small and quality. Considering that this segment has the appearance of at least a few dozen Jesuit names, which are not lacking veterans, this assessment shows that Koreans are gradually reaching themselves to reach the quality threshold of the Germans.