Wednesday, December 11

Increase promotion to the use of automotive

Buy cars for more than half a month now, Ms. Le Thi Hong Duyen in Ward 5, Tuy Hoa CITY, shared: I am quite prejudicious to make a decision to buy a car, because always think that if money to invest in food, easy to buy a car will be lost Financially, unprofitable. But think again, if there is a car, it will be more convenient for family living.

And Mr. Nguyen Van Tuy in Ward 9, Tuy Hoa CITY, for hay: My family had four people, two, the larger, the second level, the second level 3. If you want to go to a game, 2 motorcycles, no inconvenience. Therefore, my wife and I bought the car to transport the house.

In fact, besides buying cars to serve the travel needs of families, individuals, businesses to buy cars also for service. This contributes to the increase in the number of cars in Phu yen now. Mr. Tran Dinh Tuan in Phu Lam Ward, Tuy Hoa CITY, said: I bought 4 seats car from 2016. In the course of use, I found the car tight compared to the needs of the family should decide to buy a new car. But if you sell the old car, only 1/3 money is left before. I feel sorry I used my old car rental. Four months ago I bought five more seats. I used these two to contract with a business specializing in automobile rental to do more services.

According to the GT-VT department, the economy is growing, people’s life is improved than before so the demand for automotive shopping to use is understandable. From the beginning of the year 2019 to present, in the province, new or used automobile is converted the owner dramatically increases. If compared to a couple of years ago, the new registered automobile increased by 45-50%.
Survey on the market today, new automobile prices (price wheel) from 4-7 seats of firms such as Toyota, Huyndai, Ford, Kia, Honda, Peugeot… ranges from 420 million VND to nearly 3 billion VND. If the car bought to do the service is cheaper, less feature; In family use, there are often superior features, especially those that ensure the driver’s safety… Private used cars cost between 200-400 million VND.

Mr. Nguyen Ha, director of the CO., LTD. (Tuy HOA CITY) said: Compared with 2 years ago from the beginning of the year, the need to use cars of Phu yen people to increase significantly, with the basis of my business, the amount of car sold increased by 30%. The 4-5-seater vehicle used a price of 200 million or more, while the 7-seater vehicle was at least 350 million.

According to Mr. CU Ngoc Thang, CEO of Bold Honda Automotive Binh determined, Enterprise opened the Honda showroom in Phu yen from day 20/7. This is a showcase that can complete the basic steps to deliver new cars to guests. Guests can visit the car. When there is no point of this display, Honda dealer in Binh Hien serves the Phu yen people with a market share of about 15%, but since the opening of the sale in the province to date, we have sold about 20 PCs, pulling the market share almost 3 times.

Multiple forms of stimulus

According to the automobile distribution enterprises, although the demand for automotive consumption of people in the province increases but if further strengthening the policy of incentives, after sales… Not only facilitate, stimulate the needs of people who intend to buy the car, the possibility of increasing the customers of the business will also be more.

Therefore, distributors do not only offer cash incentives to customers who buy cars from 5-40 million, offer car care gifts or other accessories such as HUD screen installation, cruise surveillance cameras, headrest pillows , Fire extinguisher, insulation sticker… Depending on the vehicle line; It is a maintenance, maintenance, aftermarket mode…

This as part of a campaign that drives sales and facilitates consumers to easily reach new automotive models on the market today.

According to the representatives of Ford Binh Hien, Phu Yen is the new market. Capturing the needs of customers, the company has arranged employees into Phu yen to introduce, support customers to buy vehicles and periodically carry out warranty and maintenance of the car in Phu yen.

In this moment, buyers of Ford cars are assisted with registration of Number seas, free check-up; Support loan advice under the bank’s incentives policies, enjoy the after-sales policies, car parts incentives, gifts, maintenance… You will also get the best support from the carriers when the circulation, risk or support complete the insurance procedures.

Mr. CU Ngoc Thang adds: At the time, the car line that the company supports gifts, accessories… The current incentives policy with the City automobile line is to support cash 10 million VND, 10 million co-fittings; Other products are 5 million cash and some accessories are included. Currently the Honda Department of Services in Phu Yen has 40 employees, take the support of regular consultation, inspect the entire vehicle, periodic maintenance or the time the car owner needs.