Monday, December 9

Mazda stated reasons for summoning more than 12,000 vehicles in USA and Canada

Over 12,000 Mazda3 cars 2019 in the US and Canada markets will be summoned to fix bugs related to the Close button, unlocking the front seat adjustment headrest.

Recently, the MAZDA3 model 2019 was unexpectedly summoned for repairs related to the vehicle’s headrest.

Specifically, according to information from Mazda in North America, on vehicles with Mazda3 2019 error, the non-standard seat wrap material has affected the non-standard operational safety wiring which can cause safety for vehicle users.

In addition, the design details also affect changing the height of the front-seat row, resulting in the unavailability of the head in the fixed position, resulting in the safety hazards of the collision.

The above mentioned error issues were recorded by Mazda in July 5 this year when a model Mazda3 in Mexico was found not to handle the height of the front-line seat.

According to statistics, there will be about 12,375 manufactured aircraft with this error in this market. The summoning will begin in September 9 and will have 9,430 in the U.S. and 2,945 in Canada.

It is known that not so long ago, Mazda3 2019 was also once summoned by axial error and an open wheel that caused the loose nut, potentially danger to users. The number of MAZDA3 vehicles was affected by the summoning of this time by about 25,000 aircraft.