Ford EcoSport – Urban SUV designed for young people

The American brand model has a youthful appearance, easy to customize foreign and interior, and has enough functions to meet the demand of technology lovers.

The urban SUV series EcoSport is confirmed by the American brand as a car that meets the requirements of today’s young people about a car. Vehicles with modern youthful design, spacious comfortable furniture, high connectivity, powerful engines. Price range is not too high, it is easy to help young people approach.

According to Ford representatives, many young customers in Vietnam are new car owners for the first time. They tend to look for product lines that show their very own ego. Therefore, cars need an eye-catching appearance, helping them feel confident and personality in their outings with friends. Young people’s cars must also be useful in long outing trips with your friends, carrying lots of items for convenient shopping, ensuring elegance to meet partners. Cars also need to be highly connected. The dynamic design on EcoSport brings the space for young people to express their creative inspiration, express their personality through the Ford EcoSport – Paint Your “True Color” contest by Ford Vietnam. organization.

Sharing the reasons for the competition, Ford representative said that from clothes, phones to cars can become inspiration for young people to express their personalities. They are not afraid to stand out, even wanting to get the attention of the crowd. “Moving on a compact car with modern, youthful and eye-catching design helps young people to be more confident in every street trip,” the representative said.

From the perspective of young people, the car has become different and unique with each set of stamps participating in the competition. “The inspirations or favorites in the life of every young person are realized through the stamped bird sticker, bronze drum, paddleboard, love, rose, Avenger”, American car brand representative pressed strong.
If the exterior is a “piece of land” for young people to express their individuality, then the inner space is regarded as the “private room” of each individual. The interior of the car will help each owner feel comfortable in each journey. In the old design, the cockpit on the Ford EcoSport is a messy part with lots of functional control buttons. On the new version, the company omitted many function keys, making the space become more minimalist and useful.

Ford’s SUV is equipped with a button-start, automatic air-conditioning system, USB slot, leather-wrapped steering wheel with integrated functional control keys, an 8-inch infotainment screen compatible with Apple. CarPlay and Android Auto.
To meet the growing demand of customers, the Ford EcoSport has been equipped with Ford’s latest Sync 3 infotainment system. Users can perform voice control, hands-free conversation, control entertainment functions without leaving their hands off the steering wheel, keeping it safe during the journey.

Personalization on the Ford EcoSport is also evident with Ford’s MyKey technology that allows the driver to install the car’s features like; Set up speed alerts, fuel alerts, seat belts … By programming individual keys, the Ford EcoSport is able to determine who is driving and will automatically change the settings accordingly. with each person.

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