Wednesday, December 11

Jaguar Land Rover bet on the 2-year plan

According to Autocar, all 5 new models will be launched by JLR. That’s the next generation of the Land Rover Defender and Range Rover. Along with that is a new Range Rover branded Crossover, high-end Jaguar J-Pace SUV and an electric super sedan designed to replace XJ. All of the above products are developed on the foundation of a completely new MLA of this group. Of course, this platform will be compatible both with hybrid technologies and electric motors.
Based on an official document, Autocar also said JLR will also release EV versions of Range Rover and Discovery. Meanwhile, the electric variant of the Defender series is still a question mark. In addition, there is a fundamental change that will appear on the Land Rover’s ‘three pillars’. Those models will no longer have pure ICE (internal combustion engine) versions but only mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions.
Another noteworthy new feature on the MLA-based cars is the SOTA software update feature. Specifically, they include 14 modules connected to the internet. JLR said, the new SOTA system will allow them to reduce warranty requirements, limit summons, provide predictive maintenance services and even user-based insurance. JLR hopes to exploit the data generated in the process of using new cars to serve the development of future models. Among these names, Defender will be the first model to appear. . Specifically later this year before being sold since 2020. This is a challenging project with JLR because it is a completely new model, based on a new platform and manufactured in one home. The device is relatively new (in Slovakia). On the contrary, the potential of the new generation Defender is considered very promising when it is raised to a higher level than the previous generation.