Wednesday, December 11

‘ Monstrous ‘ electric SUV Car of China Challenge Tesla

The SUV has a long name of Human Horizons HiPhi 1 with a sophisticated door design that promises to launch in China for the next two years.
According to the manufacturer, Human Horizons HiPhi 1 has a range of 400 miles (about 655 km).

At the opening of the horror and Trouble section, HiPhi 1 causes the Tesla Wing (bird door) door to be the very “hot” door model which becomes normal.

HiPhi 1 Transverse a Range Rover with a length of over 204.8 inches (about 5, 2m), the inner space is quite spacious, with 3 rows of enough seats for 6 people seated.

The gates are operated by electricity, without handles. Users who want to get into the car must pass the confirmed facial recognition system or smartphone.

Bird doors with 18 sensors ensure they will not encounter any obstacles or collide when they close. They will not open in the rain or the rear seats just want to get out of the car in the horizontal door.

The operation of HiPhi 1 is ensured by 562 sensors. These include in-cockpit sensors to the velocity and radar gauges used for self-operated modes.

Human Horizons indicates the vehicle reached level 3, after raising the Level 4 (level 4 only after the last level of the 1-tier self-operated vehicle).

The car HiPhi 1 supports the C2X protocol (vehicle to infrastructure), allowing the intelligent way to “talk” directly with the medium, warning issues that are outside the scope of the sensor’s operation. The vehicle also has a rear observation system based on cameras.

Human Horizons claims that the HiPhi 1 vehicle is equipped with a lithium-ion battery block of 96 kWh, an electric motor for the 268 horsepower power. HiPhi 1 is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

Human Horizons HiPhi 1

Human Horizons has a collaboration with Mark Stanton, the British 59 years old who worked for both Ford and Jaguar Land Rover, currently holding the position of technical director of the company.