Monday, December 9

Zotye Cars of China conquer America

The new generation of model Zotye T600 of the newly introduced Chinese is expected to be sold in the US since the end of the year 2020.

Chinese car brands-Zotye has just announced plans to bring the new generation SUV T600 model to the US market at the end of the year 2020. The new generation Zotye T600 presented the village at the Shanghai Motor Show just as concept (car idea). ” This T600 template is perfectly suited to the American market and I am pleased to announce that it will be the first Zotye model to be present in the U.S., “

Mr. Duke Hale, CEO of Zotye USA and HAAH Automotive Holdings said: “After the form T600 will come to a crossover form and a sedan, but currently Zotye does not disclose information as well as specific time.”

Zotye Cars of China conquer America
Zotye T600 current generation is present in Vietnam market with name Z8
Earlier in Jan, Zotye said it signed an open agreement to 19 agents in the US. The airline also expects to have about 300 agents when the T600 model is present in the market. In addition, the Chinese car brand said the airline is ready to sell its models online to customers.

According to the original information, the new Zotye T600 will be equipped with a GDI 2.0 power booster gasoline engine with 200 horsepower, combined with the automatic gearbox 7 level clutch. In addition, this new SUV model also features a 1.6 L booster gasoline engine combined with 6-level automatic gearbox.

Zotye Cars of China conquer America
Zotye T600 New generation will be sold in the USA
Currently, Vietnamese market template Zotye T600 current generation is receiving a lot of attention of customers. The version is selling in Vietnam with the familiar name Z8. Zotye Z8 owns a wide range of technology, features utilities that most of the consumers love when choosing 5-seat multi-use SUV series. In it, it is worth noting that the rock-shaped opening of the luggage compartment, Sky window panoramic, step up down the open/folding car, or wireless charger, automatic air conditioner, 360 camera, 10 inch touchscreen…

Zotye Z8 in the Vietnamese market using the engine of the Japanese Mitsubishi car carrier. However, this is a generation of 2.0 L motor-generation power booster with slightly improved, generating a maximum capacity of 188 horsepower at 5,000 rpm, 250 Nm max torque at 2,400-4,400 rpm. If anyone can see the engine has been equipped on some old Lancer series. On Zotye Z8, this engine combines the ZF’s 8-level automatic gearbox.