Wednesday, December 11

After 80 years, the original Bentley Corniche from the year 1939 was reborn successfully

Bentley produces only one Corniche and it has been lost in France (due to incidents in the course of testing) as the war broke out. Decades later, Bentley’s Mulliner department revealed that the original Corniche was recreated after several years of effort.
This project was originally raised by volunteers from the WO Bentley Memorial Foundation and the Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation, and it received the support of the Mulliner last year, on the occasion that Bentley is starting its 100 year anniversary event. Performance.
It is known that the team used only the initial technical drawings to rebuild the vehicle, after which the vehicle was built using the original mechanical components of the Corniche and MkV.
Shared about Bentley Corniche 1939, Mr. Adrian Hallmark, Bentley CEO said: “The Corniche 1939 is a clear step in Bentley’s design language, which is more evident in the later productions, especially the R Type Continental symbol vehicle”.
It can be seen that the first time that Mulliner successfully recreated the Corniche was to show the skills of the Bentley team in personalize the gorgeous new models as well as restore the great names of the brand.
This special Bentley Corniche 1939 will be announced for the first time at the Privé Salon, Blenheim Palace, which takes place in September 9 this year. Afterwards, it joins Bentley’s Heritage list and is brought to many automotive events in the world.