Monday, December 9

‘ Crazy ‘ super Bugatti cars made from 1 million Lego pieces, running Bon bon on the Way

You may not believe in your eyes, this is a Bugatti Chiron paired from Lego right in proportion to 1:1 versus a standard version. Lego’s engineers have lost over 13,000 hours of work to put this Bugatti “madness” into operation. The car can run on the street by its own engine.

The total of Bulgatti Chiron Lego “full-size ” is folded from 339 different types of Lego shaped pieces, which connects completely to the traditional method, i.e. do not use the adhesive. Most of the Lego pieces are standard pieces except that a few are specially produced to ensure the design of the vehicle.
The Lego engineers started making the car with a steel frame to load the weight of the product. The steel frame connects to the shaft and parts help mount the wheel. The brake system was borrowed from a go-kart, and the power steering system from a terrain vehicle, both attached to the chassis.

Lego has used a series of technical frame panels to create an internal structure that can support all outer cladding.
Some of Lego’s advanced products are based on compressed air to help move different parts, and the Bugatti Chiron is no exception. The rear windsurf wing is supplied with compressed air, moving out and tilted thanks to 4 extremely large Lego engines that provide power to two compressors including four Lego-compressed air pumps.
While many parts of the standard Bugatti Chiron size are permanently fixed in place, some parts can be lifted. The Lego can disassemble the hood, car body and rear mudguards for maintenance. And since this car is running, the doors also work. Interiors have seats for both drivers and passengers. The speed of the vehicle is based on the motor’s output voltage, so that the car does not have gas pedals, and has a brake to control the car stop.

The car was installed with a 80-volt battery, 200-amp unique power supply for the entire vehicle. There is also a second 12 volt battery that is used only for the power steering system.