Monday, December 9

Rolls-Royce Wraith impressicular with “cleanup” of sports style

Rolls-Royce is commonly known for its luxury, lavish instead of sporting characteristics, but in the current company’s product line, Wraith or Dawn can give the master intense emotions. Featuring a 6.6 L V12 engine with a dual capacity of 563 horsepower and 780Nm maximum torque and a little more compact than sedan lines, these super-to-door 2-wheel models can achieve rather large speeds and acceleration.

Although it was perfect since leaving the factory but due to being one of the ‘ cheap ‘ cars in the current Rolls-Royce product catalogue, the Wraith were chosen by many customers, thereby being more vulnerable to ‘ touching ‘ while running outside the street. For many, the Rolls-Royce personalization categories are not enough to satisfy their ‘ unique ‘ vehicle needs – this is a good opportunity for business to upgrade parts and workshops.

At the request of a customer, the Luxury Auto Collection has ‘ cleaned ‘ the exterior of Wraith, causing the car to get more attention whenever rolling the cake on the road. Just at first glance, this was impressed by the combination of two eye-catching white/blue tones, somewhat reminiscent of superyachts. Not only the car body, the tray ‘ Forgiato TEC 3.6 is also decorated in similar tones.

With a polished heart, a blue wheel with a 10-blade design and a diameter of up to 24 inches, a tray TEC 3.6 can be used as a pair of branded shoes, creating an impressive point for Wraith. In addition to 4 trays from Forgiato, this is also made especially by the Bodykit package from Wald International. In the vehicle, the name Wald International became too familiar when it specialized in manufacturing bodykits dedicated to brand-name vehicles. In it, the airline’s Black Bison series have also been present for various vehicle lines – including Wraith.

With this bodykit, the car has made a significant change to the new front bumper in sports style and more square, along with the LED fog lamps placed along the sides of the barrier. The sports lines continue to appear on the sides of the car with the ‘ fish bearing ‘, although these details are purely decorative and do not help to improve the performance of the vehicle. Eventually, the Rolls-Royce Wraith rear bumper has also been altered, with the wing-mounted air diffusion wings and two new design exhaust ducts.

After being given the Luxury Auto Collection package, Forgiato Bison and a unique colour mixing, the Super coupe to Rolls-Royce has become not ‘ touched ‘.