Monday, December 9

7 car models “hot” strongest discount month 8/2019

In the 8th month, a series of client car models were a strong discount of up to 150 million.
Ford Explorer: 150 million off

Among Ford vehicle models, the Explorer was the strongest reduction product at the dealer with a “shock” reduction of 150 million. It is known that this decreased level will apply to version Explorer produced in 2018. At a reduced rate, Ford Explorer is expected to create a fever in the 7-seat SUV segment. Currently, Ford Explorer is being distributed in Vietnam market at a rate of 2.268 billion.
Nissan Terra: Up to 123 million VND

Nissan Terra continues to become the model of the customer’s attention when it is reduced to more than 100 million. Specifically, Terra version 2.5 L E 2WD 7AT reduced 20 million to 928 million; Version 2.5 L S 2WD 6MT decreased 90 million to 809 million; In particular, version 2.5 L V4 WD 7AT with the highest reduction of 123 million, the price is reduced to VND 1.075 billion.
Ford Everest: up to 87 million

Besides Explorer, Ford Everest also has a reduced range of 39 – 87 million with customized version. In which, the Trend 2.0 4×2 dropped the strongest to 87 million, the Ambiente 2.0 MT had a lowest reduction of 39 million. In Vietnam, Ford Everest is a model vehicle in the 7-seat SUV segment and is a direct competitor to Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Kia Sorento, and Hyundai Santa Fe.
Toyota Fortuner: Up to 60 million VND

According to the record at some Toyota dealers, price sample SUV 7 seats Fortuner is receiving incentives from 10 – 60 million VND, depending on the version. In particular, the Fortuner 2.8 AT 4×4 production in the country is currently being the strongest offer to 60 million, which helps the actual car sales price decrease from 1.354 billion VND to 1.294 billion VND.
. The Toyota Fortuner versions were followed by the strongest dealer, Fortuner 2.4 MT 4×2 and Fortuner 2.4 AT 4×2 up to 50 million. Actual selling Price 2 this version at the dealer in turn was only 983 million and 1.046 billion VND. Besides, the dealer status “presses” Customers who buy accessories to receive the car soon has also ceased.

CR-V Honda: up to 50 million

As noted, the Honda CR-V is also reduced by the dealer from 40-50 million in cash. Specifically in Hanoi, the price of the Honda CR-V series is reduced to 45 million, of which version 1.5 E drops to 938 million, version 1.5 G dropped to 978 million, version 1.5 L dropped to 1.048 billion.
In the southern region, the price of Honda CR-V at the dealer is also trending off but lower. Accordingly, the CR-V versions E, G, L are being sold at a price of 943 million, 983 million and 1.053 billion, the actual selling price is lower than the quoted price of about 40 million VND.

Honda City: Up to 35 million VND

Class B sedan like Honda City are now reduced to 35 million in the Hanoi area, not only if the customer pays the full amount of the car for the day, many agents also discount about several million.