Mysterious Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII car with Wald package

With the decorative details of the design series Black Bison, the new generation sedan the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII is a mysterious beauty.
With every generation, the super-sang Rolls-Royce Phantom is always noticeable by a majesty-like appearance, power every time you roll the cake on the road. The 8th car Life, released for the first time in 2017 is no exception, with the “Phom ” Familiar vehicle body of the 7th generation but has the more modern and elegant lines.
Well-known for its bodykit packages in the Black Bison series for a variety of luxurious and ultra-wide lines, Wald International has also repeatedly “surgically” for Rolls-Royce products.
With the new Black Bison for the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII, this Japanese agency has been aiming to help the vehicle to add a bit of personality and VIP-style sports, but does not break the original style that has been noticed by the vehicle.
In it, the most significant change was that Wald International replaced Phantom VIII in front of and after new aerodynamic wings and a slightly larger wind. On the sides of the body, the airline also attached the splints below.
All of the above bodykit details are decorated by the chrome splint “Ton-sur-ton ” with the elegant style of the vehicle. In addition, Wald also did not forget to equipped with a pair of impressive quadrilateral flushing tubes as seen from behind.
If additional funds are added, the guest will also have a 5-inch sport Double-winged Kit Wald I13-F made of ultra-lightweight aluminium alloy and up to 24 inches in diameter.
Not only is the chrome-plated bezel similar to bodykit splints, this set in combination with the car-Body pack Black Bison also generates “hallucinations” as the Phantom VIII’s roar are ground-up, although Wald International does not alter any details of the suspension The original car gas.

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