Thanks to the bargain, Americans buy discounted thousand USD cars

The U.S. proposed price is for the consumer to negotiate with the car dealer.
In the U.S., when buying new cars consumers will encounter the MSRP notation, short for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, which means the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This is understood as the price that the manufacturer proposed to the dealer selling the customer. According to the laws in the United States, each new vehicle must clearly write MSRP.

Although it is the proposed selling price, but the automotive dealer in the US has the freedom to sell more expensive or cheaper than MSRP. If a car is a bestseller, the dealer will adjust the price increase. Dealers do this because they feel that the market demand is large enough to require customers to pay a higher amount than the proposed price.

Conversely, when a vehicle has a warm business situation, the supply exceeds the demand, the dealer will reduce the price of the car. In fact, the proposed price is only meaningful for the customer to negotiate with the dealer, or to compare with rival car models in the price range.

According to Autoblog, American consumers are often buying prices that are lower than the proposed price, while the actual selling price status is not uncommon, often only appearing in high performance car models such as the Honda Civic Type R , Dodge Challenger Demon or Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R. 

In 2017, the Honda Civic Type R had a proposed selling price of 33,900 USD, but in order to own the car, customers had to add 1,500 USD to 20,000 USD, even where there was 30,000 USD

Because the dealer does not sell at MSRP, so Americans also have the habit of wearing it when buying new cars. According to estimates, people who are good at negotiate can save 15% on car purchase. Meaning that a car cost 34,000 USD, he was saving 5,100 USD.

Newspapers or news sites abroad are not lacking articles on the know how to buy cars at the lowest prices. The most commonly used know-how is to refer to the market before arriving at the dealer, through relationships, forums, social networks or trading sites.

There are also some other know how to ask for prices in multiple dealers or don’t say the price before, since when you set the price ahead it is hard to bargain with the number lower.

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