Monday, December 9

The Ford Explorer 2020 is in trouble when it lacks parts

The US car company recently announced a summons close to 14,000 SUV-sized and large Ford Explorer 2020 because of the lack of cover and software errors that caused the car warning systems to be disabled.
Ford admitted to have forgotten the lid of the Shift Lock button on 2 vehicles Explorer 2020 and Lincoln Aviator. The function of this button is so that the driver can switch numbers without starting the car on the auto number cars and it is usually covered with a small plastic piece, which can only be removed with tools such as a flat screwdriver.
The airline also said, although this error is not too serious and few people mistakenly hit it, but Ford still makes the decision to summon.

Besides, another mistake is that the Ford assembly workers have forgotten to turn off “Factory mode” (Factory Mode) on both the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator models. This mode is used for the purpose of “reduce battery life during production” with all warnings, lights, and numbers being set to disabled.

Because of this error, a total of 13,896 vehicles were affected, largely of the dealer’s inventory. Based on U.S. law, it is only possible to sell to customers the cars when it has been completed fixing bugs.
In the last 6 months, Ford had just encountered the “boom” when summoned more than 1.2 million vehicles throughout the North American market because of a suspension error. Due to technical failures, the hands of the rear suspension could not withstand the increased bending of the frequency of frequent attacks when the suspension was active. The risk of making the link lever cracked, broken and affected by safety.

The summoning cost is estimated at 180 million. The summoned Explorer models were shipped from Ford’s factory in Chicago, USA, during the 2010-2017 period.

In 2014, Ford used to summon 1.1 million Explorer also in North America due to the risk of losing power. Near the end of 2018, more than 1.3 million Focus vehicles were also called by Ford on repairs due to leaks of carbon monoxide poison in the passenger compartment.

Returning the software error and mounting the missing parts on Explorer 2020 and Lincoln Aviator 2020, there is currently no record available on the U.S. Highway Traffic Safety Authority (NHTSA) database , so there is still no repair schedule of these two models.