Monday, December 9

Toyota Wigo Discounted price shock, Vinfast Fadil tournament in Vietnam

Cheap size A car model – Toyota Wigo recently was the dealer’s 40 million discount to increase competitiveness with competitors and segments like Kia Morning, Hyundai Grand i10 and Vinfast Fadil.
After Vinfast Fadil came to the new Honda Brio which in turn is sold in Vietnam market, the cheap class A car segment is now much more vibrant than before. Therefore, the cheap Toyota Wigo car model is feeling that the pressure is worse than ever – especially in terms of sales market.
Recently in some genuine dealers in Vietnam, Toyota Wigo has unexpectedly discounted 15 to 40 million for each different version. Specifically the number of Wigo decks are being reduced by dealers from 30 million VND to 315 million, the automatic number of discounted prices to 40 million VND to 365 million VND
In addition to the Toyota Wigo discount in cash, the customers when buying this cheap small size car at the genuine dealer in month 7/2019 also get bonus accessories worth 10 million VND including leather seats , floor, laminated glass… Meanwhile, in HO CHI Minh City, Toyota Wigo had a lower reduction when it was reduced by dealers by a total of 15 million VND, which applies to all two versions.
This discount is quite deep for a class A car model, especially Toyota Wigo to market in less than a long time. This discount is known to increase competitiveness to competitors and segments such as the Kia Morning, Hyundai Grand i10, Vinfast Fadil or new Honda Brio.
The new Toyota Wigo was a small imported vehicle from Indonesia with two versions of 1.2 MT and 1.2 AT. From its debut, 10/2018 March, Toyota Wigo was surprised by A record high sales of 1,529 vehicles, surpassing both of the horn rivals Kia Morning and Hyundai Grand i10 to lead the class A vehicle segment.
Soon after, however, the cheap Toyota Wigo proved to be more frail than other competitors of the segment as the sales decreased and was always lower than two opponents over the next few months. If you continue to have no
Inside Wigo’s interior is poor but the most widely segmentation. The seat of the vehicle is in a 4-direction, steering-wheel. The car is equipped with DVD players on automatic numbers and CDS on the floor. In addition, the Toyota Wigo 2019 also has a 2-DIN sound system with Bluetooth connectivity, the main power windows.