Top 10 most loyal cars in the U.S.

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Customers who exchange vehicles mean they want the new, or have a good experience with the car in use, according to the study of the 24/7 Wall St.

To identify car brands with the least loyal customers, 24/7 Wal St. Considers J.D. Power’s data on the number of drivers bought or rented the same brand as the old car in the past year.

The failure of a brand may be due to the relying on tradition, not subject to refreshing the product. Comfort, repair, maintenance or driving experience are also factors that make someone else change to another brand when buying a new car. But also, the company’s product portfolio is narrower than rivals so guests don’t have many other options, even if they want to be loyal to the brand.

List of the top 10 most loyal car brands in the US, at most three U.S. carriers, remaining from Japan, England, Germany, Italy and Sweden. Attached is the first 6 months sales of 2018 and 2019 to compare the increase, decrease.

10 Best Small car brands in the US:

  1. Volvo-33.3%
    Sales 2018 (first 6 months): 47,845 vehicles
    Sales 2019 (first 6 months): 50,120 vehicles (up 4.8%)

Just over 33% of drivers Volvo loyal to this brand when buying new cars in the last year. It is possible that the industry critics have suggested a worthwhile option. J.D. Power also reviewed and ranked more than 30 carriers with a 1-10 point scale, and Volvo was one of only three carriers to receive 6 points or lower.

  1. Infiniti-32.1%
    Sales 2018:72,170
    Sales 2019:63,058 (reduced 12.6%)

Infiniti is exertion to keep customers current and find new customers. In the first half of 2019, the luxury brand coming from Japan sold less than 2018 is over 9,000 vehicles. Of the 6 2019 model Infiniti models used by the Consumer Reports and overall quality assessment, only two samples were nominated.

  1. Mitsubishi-30.2%
    Sales 2018:67,327 Vehicles
    Sales 2019:71,100 Vehicles (up 5.6%)

According to J.D. Power’s rating, Mitsubishi also received 6/10 points in terms of technical quality, related to engines, gearbox and driving experience. Japanese cars also received a very low overall score of 49/100 from the Consumer Reports.

  1. Mini-29.1%
    Sales 2018:22,636 Vehicles
    Sales 2019:17,583 vehicles (decreased 22.3%)

Mini sales decreased significantly in the first half of 2019. Compared to the same period 2018, they sold less than 5,000 vehicles. German brands are working hard to handle technical problems. J.D. Power has reported that every 100 Mini is produced, then up to 107 errors are reported.

  1. Buick-28.3%
    Sales 2018:109,574 Vehicles
    Sales 2019:107,238 Vehicles (decreased 2.1%)

Wearing positive criticism, Buick seemed unable to maintain sales. Only 28.3% of customers have a Buick back to this brand when buying new cars in the last year. Sales and loyalty troubles can be made by Buick’s vehicles towards customers who are younger. Over the past few years, the American automobile brand is working on changing images, with new designs and marketing campaigns, and achieving some success.

  1. Jaguar-20.6%
    Sales 2018:14,558 Vehicles
    Sales 2019:16,282 Vehicles (up 11.8%)

Jaguar is one of 5 brands that can not retain 25% of old customers. But the cause is easy to understand when viewing the comments. Jaguar only received a score of 5/10 from J.D. Power in terms of overall quality, and 44/100 from the Consumer Reports-both are at the lowest level compared to other carriers.

  1. Dodge-16.8%
    Sales 2018:250. 933 car
    Sales 2019:228,099 Vehicles (decreased 9.1%)

Dodge is an American brand but it is on the list of the least loyal customers in the domestic market.
Dodge is an American brand but it is on the list of the least loyal customers in the domestic market.

Dodge is one of 4 major brands that has a loyalty rate of less than 20%. Its reputation can be compromised from a series of negative commentaries. Together with Chrysler, Dodge received the highest satisfaction index of ASCI (American Customer Satisfaction Index), with 77/100. And after trying 5 Dodge templates, Consumer Reports refused to nominate any samples.

  1. Fiat-16.5%
    Sales 2018:8,285 Vehicles
    Sales 2019:5,103 vehicles (decreased 38.4%)

Fiat’s lack of loyalty in the United States may not surprise critics when Italian cars are the least trusted brand, receiving only 5/10 ratings from J.D. Power.

  1. Chrysler-14.4%
    Sales 2018:88,630 Vehicles
    Sales 2019:64,422 vehicles (decreased 27.3%)

According to the ASCI Customer Satisfaction Index, the driver seated behind the steering wheel of a Chrysler is least pleased about the customer experience compared to those who drive other brand models. Chrysler’s sales in the first half 2019 dropped 27% over the same period of 2018.

  1. Smart-14.3%
    Sales 2018:650 Vehicles
    Sales 2019:475 vehicles (decreased 26.9%)

Smart is the top brand of the few most loyal customers in the US.
Smart is the top brand of the few most loyal customers in the US.

Smart, the sub-brand of Daimler, is known for its modest mini-cars as well as sales. In the first half of this year, 500 cars were sold in America. And less than 15% of Smart drivers return to this brand when buying new cars. In fact, Smart will stop selling in the US and Canada since the 2019 lifetime product.