Monday, December 9

Toyota Avalon TRD 2020 Sports Edition for a sale price of 43,255 USD

Sample sedan Avalon TRD 2020 Sports version has recently announced the sale price of about 43,255 USD.

Specifically, the selling price of the Toyota Avalon TRD 2020 is 43,255 USD, including delivery fee of 995 USD. The price is slightly higher than that of Avalon Limited (43,055 USD) and lower than Avalon Touring (43,455 USD). Avalon TRD will be sold in the autumn of this year.

Compared to the Standard Edition, the Toyota Avalon TRD 2020 Impresles with its more sporty and bold appearance. The Avalon TRD was developed on the basis of the TNGA chassis. The car is equipped with a large, black color radiator that creates a contrast with the paint color of the car body.

In addition, the Avalon TRD 2020 also owns a rearview light with exterior, diffuse, stainless steel double exhaust and sports wing. Low-lowered chassis shock absorbers help vehicles handle better in complicated road conditions.

The Toyota Avalon TRD 2020 has a size of 4.978 x 1.849 x 1.435 mm, a base length of 2,870 mm. Double alloy wheels with 19-inch diameter. The front brake discs are up to 12.9 inches in size with double brake shackles.

In terms of interior, Toyota Avalon TRD uses a sporty leather seat with red stitch lines. The headrest with the TRD logo is sewn red. The three-stage steering was also stitched in red. The rotary knob has a embossed logo.

Power of the Toyota Avalon TRD 2020 to Auto engine V6 capacity 3.5 L. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 301 horsepower, the maximum torque of 362 Nm. 8-level automatic gearbox with sports mode.