Ford Escape 2020 design inspired by BMW motorbike


The new Ford Escape looks very different from its predecessor, and this has its own reasons.

When designing the new Escape, Ford decided to split the SUV model into two separate vehicles. Escape, an SUV with a softer design, is available to popular customers, while the Baby Bronco is expected by Ford to use the same platform but towards customers who want something more pitiful.

This decision affected Bazinski’s design style applied to the new Escape. Speaking to Automobile Magazine, the designer revealed the idea of ​​a new Escape from BMW motorcycles.

“When I bought these motorcycles [BMW R100R 92 and BMW R100 80], they were fully assembled. My job is to separate each part, leaving only what is needed. And that is the origin of the new Escape design. The design is pure, superficial, and it is the connection between these two vehicles, ”said Andrew Bazinski.

“I want to go in different directions, to make Escape look more sporty, more like cars, and we have a more off-road version than the Baby Bronco,” the father of the new Ford Escape revealed.

In addition to BMW motorbikes, Ford’s design team also borrowed lines from Focus. Obviously, the SUV is just like the Focus from a certain angle.

“If you look at the car body, the smooth lines are meticulously cared for. From column A onwards, we created a Coca-Cola bottle, inspired by the Porsche 911. Thanks to that, the new Escape is more attractive, ”explains Andrew Bazinski.