Monday, December 9

Mercedes-Benz C200 2019 “borrowed legs” ’Maybach in Hanoi

To renew its luxury sedan, a Mercedes-Benz C200 Exclusive owner in 2019 in Hanoi has decided to upgrade its “legs” with its luxurious Mercedes-Maybach wheels.
Model to Mercedes-Benz C200 Exclusive 2019 upgraded version using 19-inch multi-spoke wheels with polished white and black tones, slightly sporty and healthy.
The replacement Mercedes-Maybach S600 wheels still retain the original 19 inch size. Reportedly, the market price for this 19-inch Mercedes-Maybach wheels falls to around VND 70 million (genuine goods; private order). In addition to Mercedes-Maybach super wheels, the owner of C200 can be seen. Exclusive 2019 has chrome door trim and in column B position to replace the black color in the original car, this chrome paste creates a more striking and luxurious accent when viewed sideways, shiny chrome-plated door trim style often seen on super luxury Mercedes-Maybach models. The name of the car version has also been removed from the European breed. In fact, there have been many Mercedes-Benz owners choosing to upgrade the wheels to beautify their vehicles according to their preferences, most often the upgraded S-Class S450L 2019 to Mercedes-Maybach wheels to replace the wheels. 18 inch original.