Monday, December 9

Buy cars Suzuki get “terrible” deals in August 8

Advantages of the 4 models that are being applied by Suzuki promotion program:

Celerio Suzuki is A compact Urban vehicle segment line with 02 versions: the automatic number of CVT is 359 (million VND) and the 5th floor has 5MT price of 5, only 329 (VND million). With advantages over other vehicles in the segment are fuel-saving (optimized only 3.77 liters/100Km) and the interior compartment is extremely spacious. Celerio Suzuki is the most purchased line segment present.

The All-new Suzuki Swift belongs to the B-hatchback segment. In Vietnam, Suzuki Swift has 02 GLX versions for 549 (VND million) and GL price of 499 (million). Swift is a whole new form of attraction and sport that brings a new feeling and excitement to the driver. In conjunction with that, Suzuki’s new HEARTECT technology helps cars light up to 95 kg in comparison to its predecessor which helps the vehicle achieve optimum fuel savings of only 3.67 liters/100 Km. Swift Special gets Suzuki make-up with plush leather armchair , A yellow Logo and a personality black roof
Suzuki Ciaz – True Sedan. The widest in the B Sedan segment offers a spacious inner space & comfort. The Ciaz has a large capacity of 495L, enough to accommodate luggage for a long-term stay. More fuel savings and economic benefits for users (optimizing only 4.59 liters/100km). At a price of 499 million, Suzuki Ciaz is the perfect choice for a true Sedan.
Carry Truck-Suzuki’s mini truck with a durable and versatile advantage in alleys and small streets. Suzuki Carry Truck is equipped with 1.0 liters petrol engine and environmentally friendly. Is the optimal choice, save for the shipping business.