Monday, December 9

Has the Toyota Rush been summoned in the Vietnam market?

According to Toyota Vietnam representative (TMV), “The TMV has submitted reports to the Vietnam register. Immediately after receiving the answer from this bureau, we will have a formal notice to consumers. The airline also does not deny information about the Toyota Rush being summoned. Toyota is currently working with the registry, which is likely in the shortest possible time, which will have a summoning campaign for this series. “
Recently, Indonesia has just announced the summoning information 96,000 the Toyota Rush air bag fault. All vehicles that are affected are produced between 12/2017 and 2/2019 at the plant belonging to the Toyota joint venture in Indonesia. The vehicles in the summoning area are likely to occur the phenomenon of the curtain gas bag system is activated even without an accident. This summons was not associated with the Takata airbag summoning campaign.
The summoning cause of the Toyota Corporation is determined by the electronic computer system (ECU) which controls the air bag being programmed unappropriately, which may cause the curtain air bag to work incorrectly even when the vehicle does not occur collisions. When passing through a chicken drive or a indentation may cause this controller to be misunderstanding the collision, which can cause the air bag deployment when accidents are not occurring.
Notably in 96,000 of the summoned Rush, 60,000 were in Indonesia and more than 36,000 Rush were exported to neighboring markets (such as the Philippines, Vietnam).
Toyota Motor Philippines also announced the summon 12,124 Toyota Rush car due to the same error. Toyota Rush is affected in the Philippines to be imported from Indonesia with a time of production from 2/4/2018 to 7/2/2019. As a result, the high probability is that Toyota Rush in Vietnam is among the 96,000 that was recalled.