Kia aspires to have additional small-size SUVs outside Stonic and Seltos, competing with Hyundai Kona

Suv Car

The Korean brand may introduce a new small family SUV based on the Stonic Kia Rio platform.

Not to slow down to speed up to catch up with the trend of SUVs like Hyundai but Kia also boosted this category of items as well as continuously launching completely new name lines in all different size segments.

After making a big mark on Telluride, Kia has been unveiling two small SUVs in the Seltos category in North America / Asia and XCeed in Europe but it looks like they’re still not satisfied with what I have.

According to what Kia’s European chief executive, Emilion Herrera shares with Autocar, “that SUV model (referring to a small SUV with a Rio chassis) is being considered by the board.” Regional design director David Labrosse agrees with the addition of new SUVs.

“We are observing the market situation to see if we need 4 or 5 SUV lines to ensure coverage throughout the market. Some segments are prone to differentiation based on seat position and observation (high – low) Electric cars are also in sight, “he said.

If more SUVs are developed based on the Rio chassis, the new Stonic will probably be pushed by Kia to a higher segment both in size and equipment.

Kia is still completing the final preparations to sell Seltos in Asia to dominate the market share of the small SUV segment currently held by Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-3 and Toyota C-HR.