Nissan Livina coming back to Vietnam, Mitsubishi Xpander has added new opponents?

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A few days ago a deposit contract for the new model was recently spread on social networks indicating that Nissan Livina’s launch of Vietnam market will be at the end of this year and will be assigned a car about 2 months later.

There is no official information from Nissan Vietnam but salesmen at the dealer have launched the information and got the order for the new car model.

Nissan Livina officially launched early this year in Indonesia. This is considered the “twin brother” with Mitsubishi Xpander, the most living model in the MPV segment now in Vietnam.

Essentially, the overall design of Nissan Livina has many similarities with Mitsubishi Xpander with only some minor changes in brand identity. Both on Nissan Motors Livina also use 4-cylinder 1.5 L gasoline engine, with a maximum capacity of 103 horsepower and the maximum torque of 141 Nm at the 4,000 rpm is the same as the Xpander model. Comes with a 5-level or automatic 4-level gearbox.

It is unclear how Vietnam Nissan Livina will be equipped with additional features and how much it is about. However, according to the new price list before the Ministry of Finance was adjusted not long ago, Nissan Livina appeared at a price of 739 million VND.

This model will be owned quite fully equipped by the spreadsheet fees before the new phonebook was adjusted by the Ministry of Finance, not long ago, the name Nissan Livina 2019 appears at a price of 739 million.

Currently, Nissan Livina 2019 has nothing to do with Vietnam. In anticipation, this model will be fully equipped by the following spreadsheet fees before the newly adjusted Ministry of Finance is not long ago, the name Nissan Livina appears at a price of 739 million. If defined at this price frame, Nissan Livina will have difficulties in front of two strong rivals in the current segment, Mitsubishi Xpander (with the sale price of 550 – 620 million) and Suzuki Ertiga 2019 (For sale price 499 – 549 million).