Monday, December 9

The cloud need not be only for data backup and only part of a wider hybrid solution.

Recently I scan a desirable article by Rachel King within the WSJ CIO Journal titled “Google moves its company applications to the Internet”. this text was of explicit interest to ME as a result of I manage an organization that provides a hosted desktop answer to SMEs, and what’s delineate as Google’s “new approach” is that the approach that our customers are taking advantage of for years.

Here area unit simply a number of samples of quotes from the article:

“Google Iraqi National Congress., taking a brand new approach to enterprise security, is moving its company applications to the net.”

“That suggests that worker access is treated a similar whether or not the user is at a company workplace, reception or during a restaurant.”

“Google tracks and manages all workers during a user information and a gaggle information that’s tied into the company’s human resources processes. These databases area unit updated as workers be a part of the corporate, amendment responsibilities or leave the corporate.”

For our customers, all their applications area unit hosted and backed-up firmly within the cloud, as is their information. workers area unit treated a similar whether or not the user is at a company workplace, reception or during a restaurant, and our customers manage user permissions and update these because the workers be a part of the corporate, amendment responsibility or leave the corporate.

Google could be a nice company, maybe even the best, and they’re taking the correct approach to company applications. i might go one step more and advocate Google to maneuver to the total hosted desktop. whereas Google is securing every device, thereby making a hybrid of native device and cloud, i might advocate that they adopt a full cloud answer whereby all information, applications and computing area unit within the cloud.

By remaining device dependent they’re reducing their own flexibility; for instance, what would happen if Associate in Nursing worker went on a business trip and forgot their “approved” pill at home? Would they be ready to access all of their applications from any device? For this reason, for many of our customers, the device doesn’t matter; as long because the individual is firmly documented, the worker will work not solely from everyplace however additionally from each device.

For those customers with further security needs, we provide a 2 type authentication (2FA) method that continues to permit access from any device, however would possibly need the entry of a arcanum sent to the employee’s itinerant. turning into device agnostic isn’t solely secure, however it removes the requirement to manage bound devices and permits a bring your own device (BYOD) policy.

The cloud needn’t be just for information backup or solely a part of a wider hybrid answer. several firms will move 100 percent to the cloud whereas enjoying the advantages of versatile work, security, improved cash-flow, and, in several cases, value reduction. the largest advantage of the cloud is also that it removes the concern of handling IT from the business managers, thereby permitting them to urge on with what they are doing best.

I pride oneself within the indisputable fact that our customers – enlisting firms, monetary brokers, accountants and charities, move in size from XXIV to a number of hundred workers – area unit enjoying a service not too dissimilar from what’s delineate as new in respect to Google, Coca-Cola, Verizon Communication Iraqi National Congress and Mazda Motors business firm.

Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at Enterprise Strategy cluster, Associate in Nursing IT analysis firm is quoted within the article as speech communication – “There’s not an organization anyplace that won’t got to develop one thing like this.”