Sunday, September 22

Racing with Mazda CX-5, price Honda CR-V dropped sharply at dealer

The price of Honda CR-V at multiple dealers is up to 45 million in cash and many other valuable accessories.
In the context of Mazda CX-5 offered to 100 million VND, Honda CR-V was also reduced by the dealer from 2000 USD-2500 USD in cash. This appears to be a competitive action between the two most horn rivals.
Specifically in Hanoi, the price of Honda CR-V series reduced to 2300 USD, where version 1.5 E dropped to 38.250 USD, version 1.5 G dropped to 39000 USD, version 1.5 L dropped to 45.255 USD

In addition, customers who buy the Honda CR-V at some dealers also receive many accessories in price such as: 3M coated Nano Paint protection package, anti-rust coating package, the original American insulation film. Or insurance for car material, spare tire, leather window depending on customer’s needs.
Secondly, the 7th month is the low time period of the traffic business during the year, especially upcoming may the population will restrict shopping. Therefore, the airline wants to boost sales to compensate for the unfavorable times.

In the end, a fairly basic cause of the Honda CR-V is reduced by the Vietnamese automotive market appearing new names, new opponents and new strategies of the airline. Typically the launch of VinFast Automotive models, Toyota Vietnam assembled Fortuner again, Mazda CX-8 also presented the village at a fairly stable price, rival Mazda CX-5 is having terrible incentives…